Yerba Prima, Soluble Fiber Formula


Soluble Fiber Formula is a simple, natural way to help promote heart health by supporting healthy cholesterol levels. Soluble fiber has been shown in numerous studies to help remove excess cholesterol from the intestinal tract.

Help guard your heart’s health with the extract nutrition provided by Soluble Fiber Formula. For best results, use every day as long as desired.

Suggested Use

Adults and children over 12: To help maintain healthy cholesterol levels and support heart health, take (1) heaping teaspoon twice a day, with meals. As a fiber supplement, take (1-3) teaspoons a day, either with or between meals.

Directions: Start by taking (1) serving each day. After several days, increase to (2) serving a day. Stir powder briskly into at least 8 ounces of liquid. Juice, water, soy or rice drink, and milk are all good with Soluble Fiber Formula. For easiest mixing, shake vigorously in a closed jar. Drink immediately.

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