Nutrasumma Fermented Pea Protein


There is no denying that protein is an essential nutrient necessary for optimal health. What we wanted to do at Nutrasumma is find the best way to take this vital element of nutrition and create a plant-based protein mix that not only has great taste but is digested and utilized by the body most effectively. Using yellow pea, we use a heating process to soften the protein while maintaining every bit of structural integrity. The result is a Fermented Vegan Protein Powder that your body will love and a taste you’ll crave.

  • Nutrition: 20g of Protein, 0g of Sugar, 2g of Carbs, 100 Calories per serving.
  • Ingredients: No Additional Ingredients.
  • Quality: Made From the Most Natural Non-GMO Source to Ensure Product Integrity. Manufactured in the USA following all GMP Standards.
  • Natural: No Artificial Flavors, Sweeteners or Colors. Vegan-Friendly, NON-GMO, Gluten Free, Dairy Free.
  • Process: Fermented for Optimum Digestion and Bioavailability.

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