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Healthy Habit Medical Center

Our Doctors

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Dr. Dejan Matijevic, N.D.

Dr. Dejan Matijevic is a licensed naturopathic physician (ND) who believes in the power of addressing the root cause of chronic illness as a necessary step to create healing. Dr. Matijevic practices evidence-based primary care medicine through the use of individualized nutrition plans, exercise prescriptions, supplementation, IV nutrient therapy, botanical/herbal medicine, functional lab testing, clinical acupuncture, and myofascial trigger point release.

Dr. Matijevic was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, where he completed his Bachelors of Human Kinetics (Kinesiology) at the University of Windsor. This program of study solidified his interest in the holistic approach to health (optimizing mental, physical, and spiritual health) and motivated him to become a physician that is trained in this unique approach of practicing medicine.

Dr. Erin Anderson, N.D.

Dr. Erin Anderson is a licensed naturopathic physician specializing in the use of safe and effective natural treatments to restore your health. She addresses the root cause of chronic disease and works with you to create a personalized treatment plan that sets you up for success. She offers unwavering support and guidance to help you reach your goals and optimize your health.  Dr. Anderson has clinical experience in treating:

•       Fatigue

•       Thyroid Disorders

•       Weight Management

•       Menopause

•       Menstrual Irregularities

•       PCOS

•       Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement

•       Post Birth Control Syndrome

•       Autoimmune Disease

•       Gastrointestinal Disorders

•       Diabetes Mellitus

Acupuncture Session

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