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January 2023 Podcast Episodes
Episode 3: Host Defense Mushrooms and all things FUNGI🍄 w/ Jerry Angelini 

1/23/23    24 min     

Our medicinal mushroom expert and Host Defense Education Director, Mr. Jerry Angelini, joins Dr. Dejan on today's episode.

Episode 2: Steven Harkins - Director of Education at North American Herb and Spice and Physician's Strength

1/10/23    28 min     

A long-time guest of The Healthy Habit Radio Show, we welcome Steven Harkins to today's episode of The Healthy Habit Podcast.

Episode 1: Introducing The Healthy Habit Podcast w/Jaime Boyachek, RN

1/10/23    29 min     

In this inaugural episode of The Healthy Habit Podcast we spoke with Jaime Boyachek, BSN, RN, FNLP, CTNC, soon-to-be Nurse Practitioner (NP), and former host of Healthy Habit Radio.

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